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In its course to becoming a global media network, GTPK works with high-caliber professional journalists that understand business, finance, marketing, and advertising topics. Further, to ensure accountability and credibility in the headlines tackled in the website, GTPK ensures our journalists acquire ample amount of experience on various issues.

GTPK’s Authors and Contributors

Alexander White (6)
The Guardian Seeks To Reclaim “Premium” Advertising With New In- House Mobile Ad Unit

Alexander received his degree in journalism from the University of California. He is an entrepreneur and an active supporter of fair trade in online publishing. Thus, he engaged himself in various activities that increase the knowledge of every publisher worldwide. Further, he ensures to share his views and opinions on certain topics to allow better understanding. He is now a full-time contributor to GTPK's media outlet.
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Amanda White (2)
Gannett Moves Into Local Marketing With ReachLocal Acquisition

Amanda White received her degree in journalism from the London School of Journalism. She participated in various movements, and her passion for business brought her to GTPK's news media. She is also a beauty influencer, managing groups to share smart ideas to every woman around the globe. As an entrepreneur herself, she aims to share the wisdom and advancement of online publishers worldwide.
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Jayden Thomas (8)
Massachusetts Looks At 100 Percent Renewable Legislation

Jayden is our senior journalists with experience of over five years covering business and current events. He received his degree in journalism from Columbia University with flying colors. Not only Jayden works as a contributor, but he also participates in GTPK's editorial campaign to ensure credibility on the topics discussed on the website. In his spare time, Jayden loves to cook and play video games.
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Matthew Martinez (4)
Renewable Enjoying Job Growth Spurt

Matthew is an online publisher with websites on a mission. He has been in the media industry for over three years participating in various activities to enhance his journalism skill. He received his degree in journalism from Columbia University and since then, dominated the online publishing field. He aims to share his expertise in the media industry and contribute new insights on topics that require a more in-depth analysis.
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Sophia Moore (1855)
Yachts Charter Market 2018 – Yachtico Inc., Zizooboats GmbH, Boat International Media Ltd., Charterworld Ltd., Burgess, Incrediblue Ltd.

Sophia is our intern journalist, working full-time to cover business and marketing advancements. She shares the love of free information. Sophia received her degree in journalism from the University of Florida, and since then, have joined multiple news media outlets both online and on paper. Her life-long dream is to cook a full course meal.
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