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Global Top Key Players (GTPK) is an independent news blog that covers the latest headlines in Business and Environment. GTPK’s primary purpose is to share free information towards rising entrepreneurs, business movers, and online publishers.

GTPK’s website tackles a diversified selection of topics. The team behind GTPK envision a media outlet that discusses timely and relevant headlines.

The site’s Editorial Insight sees the positive and negative side of every advancement, and provide specific suggestions to initiate a more in-depth understanding towards its readers. For more information about Global Top Key Players, please contact us using the contact form in our “Contacts” page.

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Astute Dynamics LLC
7852 Chaco Mesa Loop NW Albuquerque, NM 87114 USA
POC: Joel Sexton

Journalistiko Developers
16th Fairlane Street, Fairview Quezon City Philippines 1118
POC: Jay Castillo